Whats on your plate?

Welcome to the first blog post for Chomping Our Way Through Time

This is the first blog post in Chomping Our way Through Time. This is going to be a fun blog about what people were eating when and why and how it impacted society. How people within society were impacted by what they were allowed to eat or limited to eating. Or what they had full access to. As a history professor, I find it sad that so many people do not like history. And I think it is because the way history is taught. It is not about memorizing a bunch of dates associated with events. History is all about people, you and me. It is about telling stories. I am a foodie and I love history and I thought it would be fun to tell the story of people by what we were eating when and why and then what happened. And that is what this blog is going to cover.

I am equally passionate about healthy living, and how eating the right foods help us with that. There is a reason why heart disease is the leading cause of disease and death in the United States. There is a reason why heart disease within the United States was largely unheard of until the 20th century, and for women not an issue until the mid-20th century. The mystery is within plain sight.  Let’s start with what’s on our plates.

There is a cardiologist associated with the Cleveland Clinic who speaks primarily to his patients about the farm, as opposed to what is available at the pharmacy. He was recently featured on CNN.  He is by choice a vegan, but one does not have to be a vegan, or even a vegetarian, to choose to eat a healthy diet.  The vignette interviewed several of his patients, all very happy that he took the approach they did with their heart disease.  Heart disease is almost entirely preventable (often treatable, and sometimes can even be reversed!) by environmental factors.  Do NOT blame your ancestors for your heart disease.  This condition imploded in the 20th century, especially mid-century with the advent (and then avalanche) of our becoming a fast food nation that drove as close to stores as we could to avoid having to walk too far. I took both pictures. The one on top features very well-known and popular fare at a now world famous fast food restaurant.  I posed their artificial food (because I believe it is) next to a real strawberry.  Within days, the strawberry rotted away.  I still have the dried-out hamburger patty, bun and fries…….purchased now almost three years ago.  And you would eat this????  The photo below is in part from my own garden, and a local farmer’s market.  Look at the beautiful colors!  Would you doctor first talk with you about a ‘farm’ solution before ordering a ‘pharm’ solution?  But this is not your doctor’s choice. This is YOUR choice.  How are you choosing health?